Pain Free Living

The Julstro Method is a system designed for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and common pain conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist AND HAND. The Julstro Method is a comprehensive system of muscle treatments using an innovative TotalTX ® hand tool specifically designed for Julstro. The Julstro Method was developed by Julie Donnelly over years of clinical work as an expert in chronic pain treatment. The system is based upon extensive medical research showing that common muscle pain and numbness throughout the body – including the hand and wrist – can be treated by releasing trigger points (spasms) with pressure. Surprisingly, these conditions often originate far from the actual symptom of pain. And, eliminating the spasms can lead to pain-free living.

Julie’s innovative system helps you easily learn to self-treat muscle spasms from your neck to your hand. Using a hand tool, chart, a step-by-step booklet and a modeling DVD, Julie teaches you how to quickly locate and treat the trigger points that cause these painful conditions. Her methods have been successfully used by renowned medical facilities and professional institutions, as well as in her clinical practice. The Julstro Method is available at home and in the workplace. Thousands of individuals are self-treating and benefiting from the Julstro Method – changing their lives, living pain-free.


Julie Donnelly is an internationally recognized expert on the treatment of chronic pain. She has studied Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology of Muscles, Medical Massage, and Eastern theory. Julie not only teaches people how to self-treat to a pain-free life, but also instructs doctors of osteopathy and physical therapists in how to incorporate the Julstro Method into their therapeutic practice.

She is a sought-after presenter, and is a regular speaker for national organizations, including the National Court Reporters Association and the American Electrology Association, among others. She is also the author of numerous books on treating chronic pain, including “Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living.”  Julie is a Continuing Education (CE) provider and gives self-treatment clinics throughout the country to companies of all sizes. Julie Donnelly’s training is extensive, including advanced training from a doctor of osteopathy, a physical therapist, a therapeutic massage therapist and other professionals in the field of pain relief.  Julie is licensed in the State of New York, Florida, and North Carolina.



The Path to Pain Relief

Julie will introduce you to her revolutionary system of self-treatment and how you can live pain-free! She will review the basic anatomy and demonstrate the Julstro Method by illustrating specific tips of how to relieve hand, wrist and shoulder pain!

  • Employers/HR Professionals
  • Physical Therapists/Massage Therapists
  • Data Entry Personnel/ IT Staff/Typists
  • Manufacturing Managers/Warehouse Personnel
  • Delivery Drivers/Shippers/Loaders
  • Contractors/Landscapers/Maintenance Workers
  • Athletes/Musicians
  • Chefs/Cooks/Wait Servers/Bartenders
  • Anyone who repetitively uses the hand and wrist

With the Julstro self-treatment method, most users find relief after only one or two treatments.

As an office worker and frequent computer user, I owe a big thanks to you. After just a few days of the exercises, I got so much better. Now I can type almost freely, with almost no pain and I can drive.  Mei, South Korea

JSSelf-Treatment System

We Provide A Self-Treatment System

  • Discover how to treat yourself with a simple 15–minute routine
  • Relieve hand/wrist pain and numbness from repetitive activities
  • Treat the pain and numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Avoid harmful drugs, costly therapy and possible invasive surgery
  • Save serious time & money with convenience and low, one–time cost

Just have to say THANK YOU again for your Julstro System kit. It was a definitely life saver for my son Matt. He has had it all under control for six months now and no complaints. He is back to his music, recording, and on those drums and keyboards. He uses the kit like brushing his teeth…just part of his daily routine!!No doctors, no more therapy…nada!!! L.M., Arizona


On-Site Employee Seminars

Do your employees suffer from repetitive stress injuries?

  • Repetitive physical activities in manufacturing
  • Intense typing and computer keyboard strokes
  • Lifting, loading and shipping  undertakings

Do you worry about the day everyone calls out sick?

  • According to OSHA repetitive strain injuries cost $20 billion a year in workers compensation.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome, are among the most prevalent medical conditions in the U.S.,accounting for 14% of physician visits and 19% of hospital stays.

Sponsor a 2 hour on-site seminar or reimburse employee participation in a public class. Julstro is  an Approved Continuing Education Provider that can help improve productivity, worker retention and reduce disability exposure.

I’m so grateful that you spoke at the National Court Reporters Association Convention in Philadelphia this year. You pressed on a point in my elbow and the flaming pain shot right down to my wrist, I thought I was going to faint. You showed me what to do using the blue tool, and while I held the pressure on the spot, it just faded away!  I worked on the points in my arm all afternoon during the other sessions, and by the end of the day I knew I wasn’t going to lose my job.  The thing I like the most is that I can do these treatments to myself. L.J., Pennsylvania